Cosplay Notes: Bombshell Batwoman


Debuted: Momocon 2014

The Breakdown:

  • Dress: Forever 21 (modified)
  • Shoes: Converse Hightops (previously owned)
  • Wig: Hestia - Epic Cosplay Wigs
  • Bat: Sports Authority
  • Socks: Spencers' Gifts
  • Gloves: Eddies' Trick Shop
  • Baseball Hat: previously owned (modified)
  • Other: nude dance tights

The Process:

The dress was originally a simple black collared, button-up dress I picked from Forever 21 a while ago (side note: I miss wearing this dress. The sacrifices made for cosplay…) I removed the gold buttons and replaced them with bright red buttons and used red bias tapes as trim around the arms and neckline. I had sticked the lettering and numbers on the back of the dress with red felt. When I made this dress back a few years ago the Bombshell Batwoman figure wasn’t released yet so all I had to go on was the variant cover that didn’t show the front of her dress. I eventually ended up adding the bat symbol on the front and deepening the neckline to match the figure.

The gloves and socks didn’t require any modification. As for the bat, I added a felt bat symbol and bat ears made from black craft foam. I got lucky with the plastic bat I found at Sports Authority. It was black, but had a wood grain texture that made it easy to look like actual wood with a simple paint job. Most people think it’s a real wood bat and are surprised when they pick it up and it’s incredibly light. I used a mix of acrylic paint and a micron pen to added the calligraphy.

Final Thoughts:

Most. Comfortable. Costume. Ever. But, really, I love wearing this costume and being Batwoman. She’s one of my favorite DC heroines and I hope to make a different cosplay of her in the future.