Anime Weekend Atlanta 2019

Cosplayers: @sailorbeeee, @drunkbirdmedia, @bep.cosplays, @kumalatte.cosplay

Cosplayers: @sailorbeeee, @drunkbirdmedia, @bep.cosplays, @kumalatte.cosplay



30 min
individual session
5 edited photos

40 min
individual session
8 edited photos

$50 + $15 per person
time varies/depends on group size
group session (max of 5 people)
5 group edits & 3 individual edits per person


Name *
This will only be used to contact you before the shoot.
*Please note that payment for group shoots must be paid by ONE venmo/paypal account
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Booking & Payment
This is a request form and filling it out does not guarantee you a shoot. Its purpose is to help organize and plan the shoot. After booking I’ll create a mood board based around the shoot. Full payment is due upon booking.

1-2 weeks after the shoot I will provide a low-res proofing gallery where you may select the photos you wish to have edited.

All photo sessions include online publishing rights only with proper crediting. This includes sharing on social media, your website and will include a small watermark. Additional edits over my edits are not allowed. If you want additional editing please contact me. Redistribution for profit is prohibited unless explicit, written permission has been given (this includes Patreon, Ko-Fi, etc.) If you wish to purchase the print rights for the image please reach out for pricing.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for your photos to be completely edited. Edits include removing any blemishes, hair flyaways, and color correction/adjustment. I do not add superimposed backgrounds or composites, but I may add a few minimal special effects. If you have any special editing requests (eye color change, etc) please communicate these during your shoot or in your initial inquiry. Additional photos/edits can be purchased after the photoshoot.

I will give you 5 minutes of flexibility. After the first 5 minutes have passed the amount of time you’re late is deducted from your shoot time. Payments are non-refundable. If you know there is going to be scheduling contact at least a day in advance please contact me and I will do my best to move your shoot, but it’s not guaranteed. In the event of a cancellation I will reach out to the waiting list.