Hi and welcome! 
I’m Celeste, a cosplayer, photographer, and designerd based in Atlanta, GA. By day I work as a graphic designer, and by night I conjure up costumes. I love to spend my weekends doing cosplay photoshoots or catching up on comics. Chai tea, comics, anime, DnD, & the occult are a few of my favorite things. I also am the owner of two adorable chihuahuas named Airi & Ume. 

This blog was primarily created to share my perspective of cosplay photography from both sides of the lens. I'm also a player on the Sword of Nerdom podcast. 

Fun Facts

  • Zatanna is my favorite comic book character of all time. 
  • I collect tarot cards.
  • Favorite stone: Celestite
  • My first cosplay was Misa from Death Note way back in high school. 
  • My love of photography began when I was 14. 
  • #TeamMystic

You can also find me here: